Well, unfortunately, there is no lottery like the US Powerball Lottery in Kenya. But for LottoPawa, we have adapted a few of the main characteristics of the famous US lottery.

Similarities and Differences between LottoPawa and Powerball

First, similar to Powerball, LottoPawa has a set of main numbers that you need to match to win big. Actually, LottoPawa has a 6 out of 49 structure, while the US Powerball lottery has 69 main numbers, and you have to pick 5 main numbers for your ticket. And then, in order to win the jackpot of the US lottery, you also have to match the “Powerball” number, which can be between 1 and 26. For the top-tier prize at LottoPawa, the “Pawa” number you must choose can be between 1 and 10.

The different numbers structures, of course, define the probabilities to win and thus your chances to land a big score at the lottery. Playing Powerball, your chance of winning the top prize of at least $20 million is only half as good, compared to LottoPawa. At the same time, the chances to win the second prize of KSh 20 million are not so much different, compared to the odds to win the second tier at Powerball (which would give you a cool $1 million).

Of course, you also have to consider the fact that the price for one ticket for LottoPawa is much lower than a lottery ticket in the US. We have kept the ticket price low, at KSh 60, to make it affordable for everyone in Kenya. But in general, both lotteries have one thing in common: One low-priced ticket can win a huge amount of money – that is what a good lottery should look like!

And since you cannot play Powerball USA from Kenya, you have to find a good local lottery – and we are convinced that if you compare LottoPawa to the other lotteries in Kenya, you will see that our lottery is the best there is!